Difference Between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist

When it comes to coping with mental health issues, you should make sure that you get the best treatment and from the right person. Most people who have mental health issues and they want to get better, which is a good decision but what they don’t know is who to consult. Should they see a psychologist or should they see a psychiatrist? This is a question that is questioned by many people, even the most learned people get confused as well. But this article will make sure that you know what person is best for your mental health issues.

Even though both have the same goal, goal for making humans better and exploring the world of mental health. But the techniques of treating people of these two professionals are different and that is what it makes them very different. Psychiatrists are the people who can prescribe medicines in order to manage the patient’s mental and physical health at the same time. They can prescribe medicines which are good for your depression and anxiety or any mental illness as well. You can also say that they are doctors. Whereas, the psychologists deal with patients who can have the same mental disorders but if the patient cannot or does not want take medicines and just it away. They manage your disorders by dealing with emotional treatment and, in this way, they can end the mental sufferings.

Not only their treatments are different but their education is also different as well. Since you can call a psychiatrist as a doctor which also means that they have to attend a medical school as well. These are the people work in medical facilities and in every mental facility, the patients are given different medicines which are prescribed by the psychiatrist. They have to do a four years of master degree and they have to work in different clinics for a house job. Whereas, the psychologist has to study longer than the psychiatrist, they have to study for at least six years for earn a PhD. The psychologist can keep different majors and they get exposures of; methods of treatments, analytical testing which is also called the psychotic testing, problem-solving techniques, psychology theory and behavioral therapy. The field of psychology is more advanced as compared to psychiatry.