There is no such definition for the word arts. No one can describe arts with the help of definition. But we can describe the word arts with a general statement like arts can be generally defined as the creation of fine-looking objects.

The most common types degree of art classes in Dubai and painting classes in Dubai is of bachelor in arts BFA or Masters in arts MFA. These degrees represent a vast scope of arts. It is a general degree to step in the field of arts. This degree contain a vast line of subjects. But there are many other kinds of degree in the field of arts.

There are fine art degrees offered by many universities all around the world. Individuals with skills and artistic thinking chose these degree. In this making sculpture, painting, drawing, architecture and much more are available. Then there are film school degree which offers some amazing art prgrams. This degree is for students who wants there future in the film production, editing and screen writing. Also photography is an important part of this degree. 

Then there are art history degrees, People who are interesting in art galleries, museums often select this degree.

We live in a modern age where every one issuing technology as a necessity. So individuals who are interested in designing they have a vast range of degrees in which there is fashion designing which is totally a limited field. Because its work is related to wardrobe only.  Then there is interior designing which a an amazing profession. In this individuals design bungalows to shopping malls. Architectures are also a part of this art history degree. There degree is very technical. There are many options for further studies in almost every art degree.

Next one is photography, this is the most approachable field nowadays because everyone owns a mobile. With some specific skills and creativity a person can become a photographer but for further future he needs a degree in photography.

Then the most boosting field is graphic designing. People who love games and they want to know how they make these they prefer these degrees. People with this degree are mostly free lancers.  For video game or movies, this is not a one man job. It requires a team with knowledge and experience. These graphic designers are so creative they make graphics of everything. Their imaginations are beyond this world.