Employees are the heart of any business. It is a natural thing that heart pumps the blood in the whole body and if your heart is not okay then there is a full chance that your body will stop working.

Just like that if you did not make sure of employee satisfaction survey every now and then, then the employees will become rebel and they will either leave the company or they will make the company’s loss on purpose.

We have seen many cases where an employee has leaked all the data of the company to the competitor because there the employee was badly treated at the company. Or moreover, the employee leaves the company and joins the competitor.

We have also seen many instances where the employees are actually bought. Confused, right or shocked? May be both, because we got the same feeling but we would like to explain it you. we have seen many software houses and different companies, asking the employees of the competitors that if they joined their company, they will pay more and they will give more benefits.

But the con is that they cannot leave before some years. This has become very common and specially in the field of acting where production houses and stars keep changing them after some years or sometime.

And there are even some companies who hire the best sales people in the world or they make sure that their employees get the best sales training in Dubai. Now, there is a trend that says that it is also about employee satisfaction along with customer satisfaction.

If you have a company and you want to make your employees happy then we suggest that you keep reading because here we have some tips for you that will make your employees happy and gay;

Become a good listener: there are many horrible bosses who don’t listen. But listening is the key of communication and if you listened to them from a to z, may be they have some idea that will prove to be best for your business.

Have a balance between work and life: never over burden an employee. Never give the employee so much work that he or she has to take the work at home.

Make employees the main key players: whenever there is  a client or investor meeting, show to them that your company is based on employees and make sure that employees know that you are praising them.