Things to Remember When Choosing PowerPoint Design

When creating any presentation, you must select the correct PowerPoint design. As you select slides, see that they are properly positioned in the left panel and do not exceed a fixed width. This is because some slides may be too wide for your window. The same thing applies to the right panel. If you have selected the wrong view, see that it is in the center of the screen. This way, you can ensure that people will see your slides properly, and nothing is accidentally overlooked.

Color is an important element: See to it that you select colors that are not too dark or light. These colors should be bright enough to attract the viewer’s attention, but not overwhelming. Make sure that the background is selected in the same shade as the topmost layer of the slide. The rule of thumb is to have one background layer and the main color on the top layer and a lighter or darker shade of the secondary colors on the following layers. This will ensure that the overall effect is balanced.

Typography: See that the fonts you use are bold and legible. This makes it easier for readers to read what you write. It is also important to keep the types of font the same, even if they are different sizes. If the text is too small or large, readers will not be able to make out what you are trying to say. On the other hand, if the font is the same size all over the slides, there is not much room left for error.

Another factor is legibility: See that there are no invisible margins or spaces. These are common errors that people make when working on their PowerPoint presentations, and they can pose serious problems when you are giving a public speech. Also, make sure that you have underlines or bold printings wherever necessary so that the information you are trying to convey is as easy to understand as possible.

The alignment of images: The alignment of images and elements in your slides is also an essential factor to consider: The graphics should be in a position that is easily visible and legible. You may want to align them so that the content is on the top of the screen, and the less important information is placed lower down.