Buying a mattress is a good decision when you really need it but at the same time it is a difficult decision too because you have to think about too many things just to buy a good mattress. You need to first get to know about the luxury mattress brands and then you need to select one of them from which you need to get to know about which type of mattress will suit you. There are different types of mattress which you will know in the below paragraphs:

Memory foam: It is the most demanding foam now days because it will know the shape of your body and the sleeping position and then adjust according to that in order to provide you better support and less strain on your body. You can also get a memory pillow Dubai too to get your neck rest too. 

Latex foam: It is another type of foam which is famous too and it will provide a good balance of comfort with the coolness. There are many mattress that will get hot when you lay on to them or when you are living in a hot area then in the day due to the heavy sun light and heat your foam will get hot and you will feel uncomfortable while sitting on it. In this situation you have to get the latex foam that will reduce the absorption of heat and make the mattress cooler for you when you lay on it. 

Coil foam: There are some mattresses that have additional coils in then to provide better support. These are good too but not very recommended because if one or two of the coils will break then you will get in to trouble and cannot sleep well as they will pinch you from the inner part of the mattress. These coils are of different types but the good ones are those that made up of steel and have adjusted closely to each other because more coils means better support.

Pillow top: There are some people who need to sleep in very soft and cushy area. They can get the pillow top mattress as these will have an extra padding above the actual mattress which is full of soft material. It will provide amazing softness with the effect of air cushion and people like it.