Sawm and compact prayer mats

This article will tell you few things about Sawm and compact prayer mat.

What is Sawm?

Sawm is one of the fourth pillars of Islam. Sawm is not just keeping yourself away from food and liquids. In Sawm, a person has to abstain himself from bad habits and misconducts such as talking bad about others, smoking, getting furious, etc.

What are the benefits of Sawm?

The benefits of Sawm are as follows.

  1. During the hours of Sawm, a person doesn’t eat anything and because of this their digestive system remains proper and good.
  2. In Sawm, we learn to have self-control which is very beneficial.
  3. In Sawm, the body of a person gets cleaned and he becomes pure.
  4. In Sawm, a person becomes closer to Allah. A person doesn’t eat or drink anything for the happiness of Allah.
  5. A person also develops a habit where he performs his prayers on time. People also recites Quran which soothes the soul of a person.

Sawm in different countries have different time duration during which people go to offices or to study. You have to pray in between those hours. For this purpose, you can have a compact prayer mat.

What are the qualities of a compact prayer mat?

The qualities of a compact prayer mat are as follows.

  1. As the name suggests, a compact prayer mat is compact.
  2. A compact prayer is very light.
  3. A compact prayer mat can be folded and kept in a bag or some compact prayer mats get folded in to a bag.
  4. They are available in various colors
  5. A compact prayer mat has a strap that is adjustable and this is why it is transportable.
  6. The designs of a compact prayer mat are simple, stylish and elegant.

A compact prayers is the best option for a person who prays regularly and also travels much. So, wherever you are, you can take your compact prayer mat, lay it on the ground and start your prayers.

Giving gifts in Islam is encouraged. If you are boy and has a good friend then you can get travel prayer mat such as prayer mats, prayer caps, Tasbeeh, etc. Your friend would be very happy when you will give gifts to him. Also, it will make your friendship better.

In return, if your friend gives you a gift then you should accept it with happiness.