Losing weight is a journey in itself. You have to change your routine, lifestyle and diet plan completely to achieve the target and this change has a great impact on your mental and psychological health. Therefore, it is recommended to lose a few pounds every month. It will give you ground to follow a decent and simple diet plan that include such meals which can provide you with essential nutrients and desired energy content. 

Yet, a person is required to follow a proper diet plan to get the desired physique. They can lose 10 pounds in a month but exercise and diet are a must. 

What is the diet plan to lose 10 pounds?

A person has to count the calories of every food he or she is eating. They have to take 1200 calories every day. Therefore, they have limited choices in foods but the foods can give lots of energy. Scroll down to see what foods they can have in breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. 


A person needs to have a rich and nutritious breakfast. They can choose from the following foods to have the first meals of the day:

  1. A bowl of whole-grain cereal or oatmeal that would have two cups of fruits. 
  2. Two scrambled eggs that would have spinach, tomato, mushrooms and mozzarella. 
  3. A glass of milkshake that would have almond milk, blended with kale, chia seeds, chunks of banana and ice cubes. 


At noon, you might feel hungry and crave to have something nutritious and healthy. Therefore, eat it after 12 and before 4 pm. You can eat from the following choices:

  1. A bowl of burrito salad with black beans that would have fajita-styled vegetables, tomato salsa and guacamole. 
  2. A plate of smoked turkey breast and white beans salad.
  3. One whole-grain wrap, filled with hummus and vegetables
  4. A bowl of vegetarian salad


Dinner is the last meal of the day; therefore, have simple and light food. You can choose from the following foods to have in dinner:

  1. One serving of tomato-spinach polenta
  2. A plate of noodle-free pad Thai
  3.  A plate of skinny lasagna
  4. Cooked proteins with vegetables and grains


In snacks, you can have 

  1. Nutribar
  2. Two handfuls nuts and berries
  3. Fruits, or
  4. A bar of dark chocolate. 

So, it is an easy plan to follow. You can contact dietitian to get a plan of weight loss food in Dubai easily. You can watch videos of meal prep in Dubai to know recipes of the foods mentioned in the plan.