Sometimes viruses can put you in a big trouble and getting out of which becomes closely impossible. But you don’t need to worry since it will only happen if you’re unconscious or careless. There are many ways to detect the virus and solutions to delete it. Your duty is to select the most reliable one since traces of viruses are often left in the computer and they respawn from time to time. Ignoring the types of files and websites is the worst thing you can do to your computer and information; therefore let’s find out how you can clean viruses from your computer.

You must delete the infected files out of your computer first. In this way, the source of the virus will be removed from your computer. But don’t stop here since the virus is still in your computer. Before you scan your computer, delete everything infected file from your computer and keep rechecking if you have any cracked file in your computer or any other program that was said to be harmful to the computer. In this way, even if the virus is in your computer, it will not be increasing with more clones and more of your data or information will not be infected. For the top antivirus protection, you must visit social media forums where new softwares are constantly recommended. An anti malware is usually the best antivirus for mac and windows.

Once all the infected files have been deleted, scan your computer to the last limit. Your scan must be divided into three steps. First, go for a basic scan. The basic scan will discover all the common viruses from your computer and delete them instantly. Run a customized scan after that by scanning every single disk of your computer. The disks will individually show how many viruses they are having. Delete them too. Thirdly, run a deep scan that will scan the remaining units and areas of the computer and trace out every minor to major virus in your computer and delete it instantly.

After the cleaning of viruses, you must apply cookie blocker on your web browser. The cookies blocker will perform two of the most important jobs. First it will tell you if there are any unwanted cookies in your browser and then it will inform you about any unwanted cookie trying to attack your browser. The cookies will be blocked instantly.

Make sure before inserting any important data in your computer, you follow all these rules to stay protected.