Fun activities for kids are not solely for the purpose of fun because kids will learn a lot of things through these activities and if not taken care properly then they may learn bad things from their surroundings while playing. Parents often think that there kids are laying and there is nothing wrong in that but they have to keep an eye on their kids while they are playing to know about their plays and their talks with other kids. If you see something wrong then you have to make them understand in their own words but do not force them or scold to make them learn about their bad behavior because they will never learn that way, instead they may become rebellious about that. To increase healthy learning you should click to read more or see this:

Creativity: You need to provide them activities in which they will learn new things and through which their creativity will increase. There should be no screen time while the play indoors so that they can learn to be creative in their play rather than just sitting idle and playing video games or watching cartoons on their phones. To increase their creativity level you have to put some effort and provide them ideas about different things and then see what they will do. Provide the necessary items and ask them to create whatever they want from them.

Acceptance: They will get the idea of accepting their mistakes and learn from them without the fear of guilt. You will not have to make them feel guilty but they will learn about it all by themselves. They will also learn to accept the failure as a person will never get success at every point of his life so he needs to accept his failures. Other than accepting failures they will learn to grow after a failure and find alternative ways to get success. It is the main thing which they need to learn.

Experiment: When they do not have the fear of scolding then they will try experimenting new things in their games and it will encourage them to do this in their life too. It will make them risk takers and this behavior will take them to the sky. They will get success in different areas of life all by this ability taking risks.