Facts are the most important part of our lives and it has become even more important due to the pandemic. There was a time when we all walked around and did not notice much about things and now when the virus has taken over the world, now we know that how the world is dependent on facts. If someone says that if you drink this tea and the virus will not affect you,

That might not be very much true unless you know about the facts is it is right or not. So, you need to know about the facts about everything now and do much research about things. But did you know that the research and facts are co related and inter linked? Yes, that is true but research also has some amazing facts as stated by the top market research companies in Dubai and the best market research company in Egypt and the below facts will blow your mind;


The first fact is that the research industry is growing more and more and changing a lot. Each year more than 42 billion dollars are spent on research industry. You must be wondering that why our govt is spending much on this department but the fact is that only the half of the amount is given to the research industry. The rest of themm are the donors and the investors. You must be wondering that how people find such donors, well, let us say that a person lost a loved one due to the virus and he or she has a lot of money and assets and he or she has given half or much of the money to the research industry to know about the cure so that others don’t suffer. And just like that the investors do so, so that they can get the double the return of the money they have invested in the cure, only if it works.

Did you know that in which research industry people mostly invest in? Of course, you did not had an idea and the amazing fact is that people invest in the research industries of entertainment, pharmaceutical and media. This is because the media and entertainment is the time of the need when people are locked in their houses and there is no doubt that why investing in medical is always a good idea.