USA is one of the most desirable destination for people around the world. Due to their tourist attraction and for the cheap shopping experience, everybody want to travel to USA once in their life time. People dream to go Disney Land especially kids but travelling to US requires certain documents. 

For every country, requirements for applying for a US passport are different. If you have UAE passport, then here’s how to apply for Visa for the United States of America.

How to apply for USA visa from Abu Dhabi:

The USA VISA application consist of various steps. If you are going to apply USA visa you should follow this concrete step to make sure your application is accepted.

· Figure out which category visa you are going to apply.

· Check where you want to submit your application.

· Complete online application form.

· Pay visa fee

· Schedule US visa appointment date.

· Collect all the required visa documents from Abu Dhabi.

· Attend visa interview.

Types of visa:

There are two types of visas:

· Immigration visa 

· US Non immigration visa 

Both categories have conditions depending on the purpose of travelling to the USA. Note that selecting the right visa category is crucial. If you apply for the wrong visa, your visa will get rejected. The whole process for applying for US visa from Abu Dhabi depends on the visa type.

Where you need apply in Abu Dhabi:

All US visa applicants from the UAE must apply at either US embassy or general consulate, depending on the type of visa. If you are applying for the immigration visa you need to apply at the USA embassy in Abu Dhabi and if you are applying for the non-immigration visa then you will have to go to general consulate. If you are resident of Abu Dhabi, you should submit your application at the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi. If you live in Dubai, you can submit your application at the US Consulate. These are the basic information regarding applying US visa. It takes time for the visa approval so if you want to apply then you must consider the time factor.

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