Nowadays, students and young adults are doing CMA more than ACCA online courses. Many of them have quit financial modeling online course to dedicate their time to CMA. However they are studying or planning to study, many of them don’t know the basics of CMA. Scroll down to know some of the basics of CMA.

Best Certification in Accounts: CMA or Certified Management Accountant is one of the most recognized certifications internationally in accounts and finance that guarantee to get you to job anywhere in the world of any type in accounts and finance. Because of its vast and diverse syllabus that has relevant topics about the corporate world, a person can get a job in any department in the company. Besides, the syllabus guarantees to give you some edge over others in the team. 

Two exams: CMA has two parts, CMA Part I and CMA Part II. Part I is financial planning, performance and analytics while Part II is strategic financial management. A person has to give two exams to get the certification. Yet, these two exams demand more than 20 hours of study to clear exams with minimum marks, unlike other certifications that do not demand hectic study plans, consistency and dedication to pass exams. 

Choice: It is not a strict rule in CMA to give Part I before Part II. You can give any of them firstly and others after it. According to many students and people who cleared CMA, Part II is more difficult than Part I. Therefore, you can give Part I before Part II to ease yourself or you can sort out difficult task first so that you can study with less tension for Part I.

 Accountant to CFO: CMA gives you different paths in career to choose and grow yourself professionally. Many CMA accountants have become the Chief Financial Officer faster than their team members and co-workers because of the certification. Besides, you can work as the financial analyst and cost controller in the company of any bank. You can even apply for government jobs to have some different experience.

Grooming is important: Although CMA is the best degree and certification to have in accounts, grooming is also important. You cannot become CFO instantly in an office. You have to make an effort and work hard to proof employers that you can become the right hand of the CEO. Therefore, learn communication skills and ethics to get the highest position faster.