Interior designers are professionals who design the place with the help of architecture and contractors by using the principles of space planning, color scheme, floor planning, and many others. Therefore, the best fit out contractors in Dubai notice the following once they enter your home:

  1. Space: The designers imagine to have an empty house and observe the space planning of your house or workplace. They observe where the door and windows are and how long the ceiling is because it is the space that tells if the place is well-planned and well-structured or not. 
  2. Style: Secondly, architecture and design are noticed by an interior designer. Carvings and detailing are notice. They observe if the house is styled traditionally or have contemporary-based symmetry. The time when the home or built is observed well by them because the timing affects the style. 
  3. Observe the client: The task of an interior designer is to make your life easier by designing your house according to your lifestyle. Therefore, they observe what’s your personality, your lifestyle, your personality and other aspects of your life so that they can design a house according to the space that you need to keep yourself comfortable. 
  4. Arrangement of furniture: The arrangement and placement of furniture have an impact on the space of the place. That’s why place-craftsmen see where the sofas are placed and cupboards stand so that they would guide you on how to arrange them to enhance the symmetry or change the style to help you to arrange the furniture in the same with more space and detailing. 
  5. Proportion: Proportion is how the place is divided or how much space is given to each piece of furniture. It has an impact on the space planning of the house. It will turn a well-planned house into a congested place. They notice how well the space is utilized and how well it is divided.
  6. Light fixtures: According to interior designers, changing light fixtures can the look of the place completely. Therefore, they note how many windows your place or residency has, how many lights you have and what color of lights you use. 

So, these are the few things they note when designers at your place for the first time because their task is to design a place according to your lifestyle, personality, taste and what furniture you have. 

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